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Cordless Blower and Sweeper

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  • Delivers 120 mph of maximum air speed to clean up large areas
  • Powerful MaxLithium battery provides cordless convenience
  • Lightweight, compact design increases efficiency & reduces fatigue
  • Includes an Energy-Star certified charger & 3-Year Warranty
  • Features 8 new attachments for a wide variety of applications both inside and outside of your home
Ultra-Fast Clean-Up Without Moving a Single Thing

Around 85% of the dirt in your home is tracked, blown or carried in from entry points like your garage, deck, porch or workshop. With the versatility of the WORX AIR and its convenient attachments, you can create a Clean Zone at these entry points with minimal time and effort.

Still shots of the 1st half of Cleanzone attachments
Still shots of the 2nd half of the Cleanzone attachments
Cleaning under patio furniture
Cleanig off grass clippings
Easy Deck and Patio Clean-Up

Quickly clear off your outdoor spaces with the WORX AIR. The angled, Long Tube gives you access to hard-to-reach places, such as underneath furniture, decks or cars.

Use Worx Air to inflate a beach ball
Inflate Objects and Dust Confined Areas

Inflate objects with power & speed and dust those narrow areas around your home or vehicle with the Inflator Nozzle & Detail Brush attachments.

Use Worx Air to clean your car and workspace
Worx Air dust brush cleaning soem windows
Dust Brush

Clean out spider webs, window sills or pollen easier by providing direct air through the WORX AIR’s Dust Brush attachment.

Worx Air wide nozzle drying off a car after a car wash
Wide Nozzle

A wide area air flow attachment for drying off flat surfaces or sweeping wider areas.

Cleaning up small messes with the short tube
Short Tube

Ideal for sweeping areas where the Long Tube may not be used, such as boats, campers and attics. It is also used as an adapter for multiple attachments.

A group shot of the Worx Air and all the included attachments
Model: WG545.1 WG575.1
Air Speed: 120 mph 120 mph
Air Flow: 80 cfm 80 cfm
Battery Type: Li-ion / 20V *Li-ion / 32V
Weight: 3.5 lbs 3.5 lbs
Charge Time: approx 3 hrs approx 3 hrs
Warranty: 3 Years 3 Years

*The 32V Worx Air has 60% more battery power for longer run times!

Optional Gutter Cleaning Kit

The available Gutter Cleaning Kit makes cleaning your gutters and removing dirt/debris from higher locations a safe and easy task. With an 11-foot reach, it eliminates the need to climb ladders, while delivering a powerful flow of air for a quick clean.

Model: WA4092
Reach: 11 ft
Weight: 2.6 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years
Fits: All WorxAIR blowers, plus Universal Adapter for non-Worx blowers
The Gutter Attachment Cleaning Kit cleaning off those messy gutters
  • Worx AIR with Clean Zone Kit
  • $99.95 - Worx AIR WG545.1 - 20V with Clean Zone Kit, Battery, and Charger
  • $119.95 - Worx AIR WG575.1 - 32V with Clean Zone Kit, Battery, and Charger
    The 32V Worx AIR has 60% more battery power for longer run times! - Top Seller!
  • $159.95 - 20V Worx GT 2.0 and Worx AIR COMBO - 1 Battery w/Standard Charger
    Save $29.95 by ordering this combo kit!
  • Worx AIR Accessories
  • $39.95 - Worx AIR Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit
    Designed to perfectly fit the Worx AIR blowers, it also has adapters and a universal-fit adapter to fit nearly any blower!
  • $39.95 - Worx AIR Clean Zone Attachment Kit
    Whether you misplaced your favorite piece from this kit, or you originally only ordered the Worx AIR blower, we've got you covered by offering this replacement Clean Zone kit with all 8 attachments!
  • 20V Compatible Worx Tools
  • $99.99 - Worx 20V Cordless Hedge Trimmer - 20" (battery and charger included)
  • $49.95 - Worx 20V Drill/Driver Tool Only (battery and charger sold separately)

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