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Ultimate 8-in-1 Multi-Function Yard Cart

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  • Versatile 8-in-1 cart replaces multiple specialty tools and is essential for any home, job site, and yard
  • Easily transitions between a wheelbarrow, garden cart, dolly, plant/rock lifter, trailer mover, and more
  • Turbo Lift Technology and 400% more lifting power– makes 400 pounds feel like 17
  • Two-wheel design prevents tipping with two oversized tires that will never go flat or need to be inflated
  • Removable handles reduce its size for easy transport and storage
  • Easily complete two-person jobs yourself – holds yard bags, lifts heavy objects, and moves plants and rocks

Helps make light work of heavy jobs in your home, yard, and jobsite

Reliable Wheelbarrow

Traditional wheelbarrows are bulky, difficult to balance, and make you do all the hard work when transporting heavy objects. With the Aerocart, you can load up to 300 pounds of material and have it feel more like 50 pounds. Its Turbo-Lift technology distributes weight over two large tires, finally giving you a wheelbarrow that is easy to manage around your yard or jobsite.

Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow feature holdign some dirt
Worx Aerocart Exteneded Dolly carying some mulch
Extended Dolly

Some objects are just too bulky to carry or transport with a regular hand truck. These extension arms fold out to turn the Aerocart into your own personal forklift. Able to support up to 80 pounds, it’s perfect for objects like mulch, hay, firewood, or furniture.

Hand Truck Dolly

With just a few simple adjustments the Aerocart turns into a versatile hand truck, able to lift and transport objects up to 300 pounds. Perfect for homes and workplaces, the hand truck is easy to maneuver through doorways and other narrow spaces. Easily lift and move boxes, furniture, appliances, and much more.

Worx Aerocart Hand Truch Dolly moving a large refridgerator
Worx Aerocart moving a large potted outdoor plant, and rock
Rock & Plant Lifter

Want to add plants or rocks to gardens, stone walls, or walkways? These handy attachments make transporting or removing heavy objects a one-person job. Safely carry bulky potted plants or trees with the flower pot strap, or lift and support rocks and other heavy objects with the sturdy mesh attachment.

Leaf Bag Holder

No more battling with bags that close or fall over while you clean up your yard and home. Acting as an extra set of hands, the leaf bag holder keeps plastic trash bags or paper leaf bags open for you, so you can work continuously without the hassle. Then, once your bag is full, just wheel it to the curb!

Worx Aerocart holding open a large leaf bag
Worx Aerocart transporting a 5 gallon water jug
Cylinder Holder

Not only can the Aerocart support heavy or bulky objects, it can also easily manage curved and cylinder-shaped items. The cylinder holder lets you move water jugs, paint cans, logs, garbage cans, barrels, and much more without the fear of them rolling off the cart.

Trailer Mover

Need to move a trailer? The Aerocart can be used to move trailers for ATVs, motorcycles, small boats, campers, and much more with an additional trailer ball hitch. This convenient attachment lets you move utility and box trailers up to 1,000 pounds anywhere on level ground, without even using a vehicle.

(Trailer hitch ball sold separately)
Worx Aerocart with trailer hitch ball moving a trailer
Worx Aerocart ligting up a large 80lb rock while only having to push down 20lbs on handles
A group shot of the Worx Aerocart and all the included attachments
Model: WG050
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Volume Capacity: ~3ft3
Dolly Load Capacity: 300 lbs
Cart Weight: 41 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

Optional Accessories

The Aerocart has even more potential with tool-free attachments. The Wagon Accessory carries larger loads and has a seat for comfort while you garden. You can use the Aerocart year-round by clearing snow from driveways sidewalks with the Snow Plow. Move up to 20 gallons of water with the Water Hauler, perfect for maintaining the gardens, trees, and other plants the Aerocart helped carry.

A Snow Plow attachment for the Worx Aerocart pushing some snow at ease
Hauling some hay bales with the Worx Aerocart Wagon Accessory
Watering some flowers with the optional Water Hauler for the Worx Aerocart

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