Leaf Blowers and Sweepers

Worx is proud to offer a complete line of powerful blowers for every task. Need to quickly sweep your deck or garage? The light-duty Worx Air and powerful Worx Turbine models are perfect for fast, cordless clean-ups. For heavy-duty jobs, try the Worx TriVac or Worx Turbine Fusion. These 3-in-1 blowers, mulchers, and yard vacs effortlessly switch between tasks to get the job done neatly and efficiently.

Whether you need to tackle a quick chore or you’re spending the weekend on yard duty, Worx has a blower for you. Check out the comparison chart below to see which features are right for you.

MPH vs CFM - What’s more important?

When selecting which blower is right for you, it is important to understand the difference between wind speed (MPH) and volume of air moved (CFM). CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, or how much air volume moves through the blower in one minute, independent from the MPH the air volume is traveling. In simple terms, the more air that can move through the blower in one minute (CFM rating), the faster you can clear an entire area.

Low CFM: For lighter duty sweeping such as lawn clippings on a driveway or sidewalk, scattered dry leaves on a deck or patio, or a quick garage cleanup, high CFM is less important as all of these tasks require minimal blowing effort.

High CFM: Larger piles of leaves in a yard, especially heavy wet leaves will require a higher volume of airflow to efficiently dislodge and move the leaves to one centralized location. If your primary purpose is to blow leaves then we suggest you purchase a blower with a higher CFM for max efficiency and faster cleanup.

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