Worx Spool Cap Cover - WorxGT Trimmer & Edger Replacement



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Product Description

Pick up an extra Worx Spool Cap to maintain your WorxGT in top condition. The spool cap cover holds the trimmer line in place while you work, and is necessary for your trimmer to function properly - the WorxGT can't work correctly without the spool cap. The Worx Spool Cap is designed to fit WorxGT trimmer/edger models WG150, 150.1, 150.2, 151, 151.5, 152, 155, 155.5, 160, 160.5, 165, 166, and 167 It easily snaps into place, so you can get back to work in no time and finish the job fast!

  • The WorxGT spool cap is designed to fit models WG151, 151.5, 150, 150.1, 165, and 166
  • Spool cap easily snaps into place, keeping your trimmer spool covered and secure
  • Spool cap is necessary for the WorxGT Trimmer/Edger to function correctly

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