Worx Leafpro Universal Collection System - Fits All Models



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Product Description

The Worx Leaf Pro Universal Collection System is the perfect partner for your Worx TriVac, Worx Turbine Fusion, or even non-Worx blower vacs. This convenient accessory works with your ordinary trash can to create a large-capacity leaf collection unit. Simply fit the breathable cotton/nylon hood to any 32 to 96 gallon trash can, connect the 8 ft. hose to your yard vac, and start vacuuming and mulching!

  • Breathable cotton/nylon hood fits any 32-96 gallon trash can
  • Perfect for fast, easy clean-up in your workshop, garage, or yard
  • Leafpro Universal Collection System is designed to fit all Worx tools
  • Flexible 8' hose offers up to 16' of extended reach in diameter

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