Worx Hydroshot Oscillating 0-degree Nozzle Accessory



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Product Description

Take your Hydroshot water stream to another level. The Hydroshot Turbo Nozzle delivers 360 degrees of oscillating water power – perfect for spot cleaning! The quick snap connection makes for a super easy install onto your Hydroshot. The Turbo Nozzle is compatible with both the 20V WG629 & WG629.1 Hydroshot models. This nozzle also works with most gas, cordless, and electric pressure washers rated up to 3,200 psi / 3.0 GPM.

The Worx Hydroshot Turbo Nozzle delivers 360 degrees of water penetrating power with less effort for you! Using a rotating O pattern, the Turbo Nozzle moves pressurized water for maximum power. You can hold the Hydroshot steady and let the Turbo Nozzle do the work for you.

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