Worx AIR Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit for 20V and 32V models



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Product Description

Do you delay cleaning out your gutters because ladders are a risky hassle? Worx has a solution. The Worx Air Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit lets you clean in a safer and more convenient way. Use this universal attachment for quick and easy ladder-free gutter cleaning from the ground up. The Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit includes 8 feet of tubing, giving you up to an 11 foot reach with the Worx Air. To use it, simply twist the tubes together to the length that works the best for your home, and attach the hook tube to the end to reach into the gutters. With the 120 mph air speed from the leaf blower, gutter debris doesn't stand a chance. Don't have a Worx Air to use? The additional universal sock tube fits leaf blowers of most other brands, so you can join in on safe gutter cleaning too. Clean out pine needles, dry leaves, and more from your gutters, all while standing on the ground! Use the Worx Air Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit to turn your leaf blower into the best gutter cleaning tool.

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