Worx AIR (all models) Clean Zone Attachment Kit



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Product Description

With the Clean Zone Attachment Kit, the Worx Air instantly becomes one of the most versatile cordless air blowers around. Eight attachments make it just as useful inside your home as it is in the yard. Clean up spider webs, dust window sills, sweep dirt from doorways, inflate and deflate pool toys or mattresses, dry your car, and much more with these convenient accessories. This set of Worx Air Clean Zone accessories turns the Worx Air into a multipurpose tool for cleaning and clearing all over your home and yard. Apply the leaf blowers 120 mph air flow to fill objects with the Inflator Nozzle, and take them down just as quickly with the Deflator Cone. The bristles on the Dust Brush attachment clear away cobwebs around the home, pollen, or debris stuck in window sills. The Wide Nozzle can conveniently be used to dry flat surfaces or cars after a good cleaning. Clean around more detailed or confined areas, like inside cars, boats, or attics, with smaller attachments such as the Short Tube, Detail Brush, and Dust Nozzle. When you need to reach into limited spaces, just attach the adaptor to the Flexible Tube so you aren't doing all the reaching. The Worx Air is designed to provide the most use from one tool. Create clean zones in and around your home with the Worx Air Clean Zone Attachment Kit.

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