Worx Air - 20V Blower and Sweeper with Clean Zone Kit



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Product Description

More than just a leaf blower, Worx Air Blowers combine versatility with a cordless design that can easily and safely be used to clean inside and outside of your home. These air blowers deliver a top air speed of 120 mph to clean up any area quickly, blowing away leaves and grass clippings from yards, dirt from patios and entryways, and much more. Lightweight and compact, they are designed to keep you productive without becoming exhausted. For more detailed cleaning, just use one of the eight additional Clean Zone attachments. With these interchangeable nozzles, Worx Air Blowers are able to clear away messes from hard-to-reach areas, inflate and deflate objects, dry off cars, dust windowsills, and more. Keep multiple areas of your yard and home cleaner with Worx Air Blowers!

  • Worx Air Blowers deliver top air speeds of 120 mph to clean large areas
  • Powered by MaxLithium batteries, making them safe to use inside and outside your home
  • Cordless design won't limit where you clean, easily reaching every area of your home and yard
  • Lightweight and compact to keep you productive and reduce fatigue
  • Eight attachable Clean Zone nozzles provide a variety of uses for more detailed cleaning

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