Worx Aerocart Tub Organizer



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Product Description

The Worx Aerocart Tub Organizer stores and organizes items during transport in your Aerocart, wheelbarrow, or garden cart. Keep items sorted and at your fingertips so you always have the right tools right where you need them. The compartments can be customized using simple, adjustable hook and loop straps to ensure you have just the right size space. The durable Aerocart Tub Organizer is made from heavy-duty, stain-resistant nylon and connects easily to the Aerocart handles so it stays in place on-the-go. The Aerocart Tub Organizers maximizes stability and organization to easily transport everything from potted plants and garden tools to hardware and power tools.

  • Easily store, organize, and transport items in your Worx Aerocart, wheelbarrow, or garden cart
  • Keep items sorted and always at your fingertips so they’re ready when you need them
  • Adjustable compartments can be customized to just the right size
  • Keeps items in place and stable while on-the-go
  • Made from durable, heavy-duty, stain resistant nylon

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