The Worx Aerocart Water Hauler



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Product Description

Don't have a hose long enough to reach the areas of your yard that need watering? Rather than lugging around heavy buckets or making multiple trips with a watering can, you can find a simple solution with Worx Aerocart accessories. The Worx Aerocart helps lift and move potted plants and trees, and now it can help maintain them. The Water Bag accessory fits right into the cart's bucket and can hold up to 20 gallons of water to get the job done in one easy trip. Just push it to any area of your yard and dispense water by lifting the cart handles up. Maintain the life of gardens, growing trees, or other plants by adding a Water Bag to your Worx Aerocart.

  • Water Hauler bags holds up to 20 gallons of water for easy watering of gardens, trees, and more
  • No more kinked garden hoses, heavy buckets, or multiple trips with watering cans
  • Easy to use, just fit it into the Aerocart bucket and dispense water by lifting the handles

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