The Worx Aerocart Wagon Accessory



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Product Description

With an 8-in-1 design, the Worx Aerocart can already accomplish a number of tasks on its own. Now it can do even more with the addition of handy accessories. Instead of lifting and pushing the Aerocart, you can load it up and pull it along on four wheels with the Wagon Attachment Kit. The Wagon Attachment fits on the Aerocart in place of the handles with a quick and easy tool-free setup. The attachment features two wheels, a lengthy wagon arm, comfort grip on the handle, and an orange finish to match the Aerocart's style. An included seat turns the wagon into a comfortable garden cart, along with a small storage section to hold additional items. Easily load up potted plants to garden in comfort, haul larger loads of hay, stacks of firewood, and much more by adding the Wagon Attachment to your Worx Aerocart.

  • Wagon Accessory is specifically designed for use with the Worx Aerocart
  • Attachment is simple with a tool-free setup
  • Able to handle larger loads of material, such as hay or firewood
  • Included seat and on-board storage section turns it into the perfect garden cart

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