20V Worx GT Revolution with 2 Batteries and Standard Charger



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Product Description

Introducing the All-New Worx GT Revolution! Keep your yard perfectly trimmed all season with the innovative 3-in-1 design of Worx GT Trimmers. In just one lightweight and cordless tool you can switch between a grass trimmer, lawn edger, and mini-mower. Now featuring command feed line which means you distribute more line right when you want it. No more pausing to advance the string, and with advancements like a 12" taller height adjustment and on-board spool holder you'll breeze through yard work. The trimmer head is able to tilt a full 90 degrees to reach difficult areas, and a convenient spacer guard lets you work without accidentally cutting unwanted areas, like flowers or lawn furniture. For a comfortable experience every time, these trimmers can even be adjusted to fit the height and posture of the user.

  • 3-in-1 Worx GT Revolution trimmers quickly switch between a grass trimmer, edger, and mini-mower
  • Command Feed Line allows you to control when and how much new line you want dispensed
  • Lightweight and cordless design lets your work anywhere in the yard without tiring
  • Adjustable design can fit your individual height and posture for personalized comfort
  • Features a taller height adjustment and 2" more cutting capacity than original GT models
  • Trimmer head tilts a full 90 degrees to reach difficult areas with tool-free adjustments
  • Spacer guard prevents accidental trimming, like flower gardens or lawn furniture

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