Worx SD Driver Power Screwdriver



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Product Description

You'll never look at another screwdriver the same after experiencing the Worx SD Power Screwdriver. This unique screwdriver combines cordless convenience with power, rapid-reloading technology, and the perfect solution to bit storage. With the ability to switch quickly between 12 driving bits, the Worx SD Power Screwdriver is the best go-to tool for tasks around the home. With the Worx SD Power Screwdriver, you won't be wasting time rummaging through tool boxes trying to find the right bit for the task at hand. The screwdriver comes with two cartridges that each hold six driving bits. While you're working you can easily switch between different bits just by opening the slide, advancing the cartridge to the bit you need, and shutting the slide to activate it. Not only can you switch quickly between a Phillips, hex, slotted, and other bit sizes, but it also keeps the bits safe and secure so they'll never be misplaced. Need to use a bit that's not included in the set? Any standard 1/4" hex screwdriving bit can be used with Worx SD Screwdriver, so you won't have to worry about using multiple screwdrivers to complete your special projects. Aside from the included set, you're able to make pilot holes with the additional screw starter bit. Quickly and easily tighten loose screws in furniture, cabinets, woodwork, and beyond with the handy and unique Worx SD Driver Power Screwdriver.

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